Blossom Yoni Steams

Developed by Carol for use with Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy™, this range of yoni steams also work beautifully as a treatment on their own. Yoni steams increase circulation and energy flow, restoring vitality and integrity to the tissues. The botanical infused vapours open up the highly absorbent pores of the vulva, allowing their medicinal benefits to be delivered deeply into the blood stream of the pelvis. Only the highest quality wild crafted and organic aromatic herbs are used to create the eight Blossom Steam blends, whose various medicinal properties are known to be toning, relaxing, cleansing, revitalising, uplifting, restorative or balancing, as well as in some cases naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

Womb Ready – fertility support
Just after bleed, before trying for a baby again, for as many months as needed
Womb Care – miscarriage & post natal
Wait six weeks, making sure you are not bleeding and there is no infection
Womb Balance – painful heavy flow & PMS
One week before bleed for as many months as needed
Womb Heal – endometriosis fibroids cysts
At least once a week all month, stopping before bleed, for as long as needed
Womb Restore – scant or irregular flow
One week before bleed for as many months as needed
Womb Wise – menopause support
Once a month, four times a year at seasonal changes, or twice a year
Womb Remember – hysterectomy healing
Six weeks after operation, making sure there is no infection, or any time after
Womb Ritual – releasing clearing honouring
Create your own ceremony with personal meaning and intent

Healing and toning after birth, miscarriage or termination
Healing vaginal tear, episiotomy, C-section, hysterectomy
Reducing pelvic muscle tension, pelvic pain, menstrual pain
Regulating irregular, absent or heavy menstrual cycles
Treating endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical stenosis, uterine prolapse
Increasing fertility, especially when combined with Womb Massage
Relieving symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness
Releasing the trauma of sexual or emotional abuse

While pregnant
While bleeding
With an IUD
With any vaginal infection, sore or lesion
With genital piercings still in place

Changes in vaginal fluids, menstrual blood, cycle duration, flow amounts, pain levels and libido. Faster healing of bruises, tears and the softening of scar tissues. Post-menopausal women may have what seems like another period, but is actually a cleansing of old debris from the uterus.

Choose your Blossom Steam. Place the herbs in a pot with 2 Litres of lukewarm water, asking the plants and water to help you heal. Bring to a gentle simmer with the lid on for 10 minutes, leave to cool for 10 minutes.
Create your ceremonial steam space indoors or out – whatever works for you – and make sure you will not be disturbed for about an hour.
Pour your steam water into a large bowl, or crock pot to retain heat in winter, and place under a modified chair or steam stool, or use the floor sitting method.
Remove your clothes from the waist down, leaving your socks on, keeping your upper body warm and sit comfortably and open yourself up to the steam.
Drape your lower body with blankets that extend all the way to the floor to ensure the steam is contained. Be careful not to burn yourself, if necessary, create a small vent to allow excess steam and heat to escape.
Sit over the steam for about 20 minutes, then dry off, dress warmly and rest quietly for another 20 minutes. Release the herbs and water back to the earth, giving thanks.

Yoni is the symbol of the Hindu Divine Mother: the goddess Shakti, meaning place of birth, source, origin, sacred space. Although the yoni is considered to be an abstract representation of the creative force that moves through the entire universe, rather than being the physical genitals – the Sanskrit word for that is yonideśa – in tantric texts such as the Kama Sutra, yoni is used instead as a mark of respect.